Jeremy Calvert's Intense Tweet Has Us Extremely Worried For Leah

Leah Calvert Jeremy Calvert

Whoa. Remind us not to get on Jeremy Calvert's bad side. Leah Messer's husband is apparently fighting mad, though the source of his hostility is a bit of a mystery.


On February 24, Jeremy posted a meme of an intense-looking Laurence Fishburne boasting the obscenity-laden quote:

Um, yikes?!?

Teen Mom 2 fans are well-versed in the ongoing drama between Jeremy and Leah. This is one up and down relationship where cheating scandals run rampant, but the couple has laid relatively low since the beginning of 2015. Leah even tweeted this adorable photo to show things were going well:

So is Jeremy's angry tweet a passive agressive way of letting us know things are not so happy in Leah-land, or is the pipe layer just blowing off steam?

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It's hard to say. In the past he has criticized the media for blowing up stories surrounding one word tweets he posted, but it's not like Jeremy is an avid Twitter user (his last post went up on February 8), so it feels like something is brewing.

But there are no signs from Camp Leah that her marriage is back on shaky ground. Aside from posting her kids' super sweet Valentine's Day crafts and shamelessly plugging Karina Smirnoff's new book (they share a manager who is also the co-author), she's been relatively silent of late.

Sigh. It would be so nice to see these two have a little peace in their relationship once and for all, if not for their own happiness, that of the kids.

Do you think Jeremy's tweet was meant for Leah?

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