Lady Gaga Joins 'American Horror Story' Cast Making Monsters of Us All (VIDEO)

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I thought she outdid herself with that Oscars performance and tribute to Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music, but Lady Gaga is wowing us again this time with  the announcement that she will be joining the cast of American Horror Story next season. Monsters everywhere are freaking out in the best possible way.


This isn't just a one episode gig, either. Gaga will be a regular on the fifth edition of AHS that starts up again in the Fall. This is so fantastic! We already were blessed with the enchanting Stevie Nicks on American Horror Story: Coven. And now Gaga. It's a brilliant move by the show and for Stefani Germanotta -- Gaga's real name.

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There are not many details on how Gaga's many talents will be utilized but we do know that the season will be called Hotel, which means there will most likely be transients, creepers, ghosts, and of course monsters -- something Gaga is well-versed in. This does mark her first time as an actress in a major role. But we do have her stint in a Robert Rodriguez short to get us excited. Check her out in Machete Kills, also starring Cuba Gooding Jr. 

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Gaga is made for a horror show -- she's intriguing and magical and fierce and unpredictable. I have no doubt AHS: Hotel is going to be amazing. I think Zachary Quinto and Lady Gaga would look incredible in a scene together. Monsters!! It's going to be must-see TV.

What do you think of Lady Gaga on American Horror Story?


Image via Lady Gaga/Instagram

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