Maci Bookout's Spanking Controversy Comes Back to Haunt Her

In anticipation of the Teen Mom Original Girls kickoff, MTV put together an hour long special for each of the girls. In "Getting to Know Maci," we get to see footage from Maci Bookout's episode of Sixteen and Pregnant, as well as Teen Mom and Being Maci. In one particular scene, Maci spanked Bentley in the bathroom stall of a bowling alley where he had been misbehaving.


In 2013, an episode of Teen Mom aired in which Maci took Bentley to the bathroom of a bowling alley in order to give him a spank. The actual punishment wasn't caught on film, but she was very open about what she was doing in there -- disciplining her son.

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At the time, Maci tweeted to defend herself against the anti-spanking crowd:

It seems as though her sentiments on the subject haven't changed much ... while she watched the scene in her living room with friends, she said:

I'm a firm believer in whipping their ass. That day at the bowling alley I'd had enough. I had told him, I was like 'If you act like this again I'm gonna take you to the bathroom and I'm gonna whip you,' because I knew they couldn't film us in a stall. Honestly I got more positive feedback from that then negative, which I was not expecting. Don't let them get away with anything, because if you let them get away with it once, they'll do it again.

Way to go, Mama! Kids need boundaries, it's how they learn how to function in polite society. Whether you swat them on their rears, set them in time out, take away a privilege ... it doesn't matter -- if they are acting like little miscreants, they need to be corrected. It's called parenting, people.

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Bentley is such a sweet little guy, and obviously totally in love with his mom. It's obvious she's not really "whipping" him, just giving him a reminder that there are consequences for acting like a brat.

Do you think Maci did the right thing spanking Bentley, or should she have found another form of discipline?


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