Brandi Glanville's Drunken Antics May Have Finally Caught Up With Her

Brandi Glanville

It's been quite the ride for Brandi Glanville since she came onto the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in season two with a vengeance. But it seems that Brandi's alcohol-fueled rages have gotten old with her co-stars AND now Bravo too. According to Us Weekly, enough might finally be enough and Brandi could be getting the proverbial pink slip for next season.


Sources say that Andy Cohen, as executive producer, is even fed up with Brandi's antics on screen and off, saying it's "not a good look for the show." And let's not forget that Brandi has had beef with pretty much everyone on the show -- past and present!

Brandi has accused Kim Richards of doing drugs, she then became friends with Kim only to create irreparable riffs between Kim and sister Kyle; she blurted out Adrienne Maloof's big secret about having a surrogate carry her sons; she's thrown former bestie Lisa Vanderpump under the bus numerous times as revenge for working with Scheana Marie -- her ex-husband's mistress, she even threw wine on new housewife Eileen Davidson; and the list goes on. The catalyst for this bad, polarizing behavior? Almost every time you can count on it being from throwing back one too many drinks!

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Where things stand now, Brandi's only ally is Kim and even that relationship is wobbly. Sources also say that Brandi will leave the show on her own accord before getting fired, saying, “She’s furious at how she’s been portrayed. She thinks they made her look like a train wreck."

My two cents? It's time for Brandi to move on. Focus on her podcast. Maybe pitch a new show where she's the star and doesn't have to fight for airtime by getting drunk and making her friends look bad. Because truth be told, I like Brandi. She's funny, she tells it like it is (even sober), and deep down she's vulnerable and insecure which does make her relatable. When she's sober. There's a big difference between the fun girlfriend that you can throw a few drinks back with and watch her loosen up and the one who gets too drunk too fast and ruins your life by blabbing your business before you even take one sip of your own drink.

Maybe Brandi is nervous on camera and needs the drink to relax. Maybe her co-stars intimidate her more than she wants to let on (I'd be terrified of crossing Lisa!). Maybe she genuinely thinks she's being "cute" with her outbursts and doesn't mean any harm. But it's getting old and getting hard to watch. I don't think Brandi needs to go away completely but a fresh start away from the housewives and Beverly Hills may do everyone -- viewers included -- some good. It'll give the unpredictable, funny and outrageous Brandi a chance to reemerge in a way we'll all welcome!

Do you think Brandi should leave the RHOBH?


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