'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kim Richards Shouldn't Be In Amsterdam

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Why any of the housewives ever think it's a good idea to travel abroad as a unit is beyond me. And yet, every season in every franchise it happens. This season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was no different. Yolanda invited the girls to travel with her to Amsterdam and Kim because very high on legal hash. I'M KIDDING. But it was, unsurprisingly a hot mess, and all thanks to the sisters Richards. 


Kim was a pill before the gang even landed in Amsterdam to go to David Foster's gala. It would be easy to blame Lisa Vanderpump for poking the proverbial bear by asking Kima bout her sobriety and getting Kim into a pissy mood, but come on, let's lay the blame where the blame is due: It's on Kim for taking this international trip even though she knows she is in no position to deal with her contentious co-stars. 

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It was interesting to note that even Brandi seems to be distancing herself from Kim. I mean, she has made it clear this week and the last that she is starting to understand that Kim has a problem, and that's something. Also, when Kim went ballistic at Kyle for looking for a missing suitcase once they landed, Brandi knew better than to get involved. 

It's funny, because in a perverse way, Brandi's motives have always been well-intentioned. While she and Kim are still close, it's clear that things with Kyle and Kim are reaching a breaking point. Obviously an opportunity to travel to a beautiful place like Amsterdam must have been very tempting for them both. But with their relationship in tatters and Kim's sobriety in question, a big trip abroad seems like the worst possible decision the sisters could make. Next week we'll return to the Amsterdam trip and it can only go downhill, right? It has to and the very notion makes me physically anxious. 

Have you ever confronted a family member over their drug use?


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