'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Jill Duggar's Pregnancy Woes Are Surprising

This week on 19 Kids & counting, Jessa Duggar may have been getting ready to take say I do, but all eyes were on Jill Duggar and her first pregnancy. 


Last week, Jill and her husband Derrick announced to the entire clan that they were expecting their first baby! It was totally exciting news. While they planned to start a family fairly quickly, I don't think anyone expected it to be basically just a month after the duo tied the knot. Thankfully it doesn't look like Jessa is a high maintenance bride, and she doesn't seem to be concerned about her sister hogging the spotlight. I mean, for pete's sake, she doesn't even want a wedding cake! Talk about one cool customer. 

The gang was busy helping Jessa try on wedding dresses, and while that was totally exciting, I was way more invested this week in learning how Jill is coping with the first trimester. She revealed this week that she and her mom have something in common -- they are having the same pregnancy symptoms at the same time in their pregnancy! Unfortunately for Jill this means a lot of morning sickness. Like, loads. Like, enough that I feel like maybe she should call Kate Middleton and the two of them can commiserate. Why is that not a show?! I would watch the heck out of it and so would the rest of the known universe. 

When Derrick got in the car after work, he was really concerned about how Jill had been feeling during the day. At first I chalked this up to first-time papa nerves, especially because Jill seemed absolutely fine! But than she shared something kind of surprising -- she was throwing up four times a day! She didn't seem too worried about it, which I'd chalk up to her own experience as a midwife combined with knowing how her mom's pregnancies have gone. While first-time pregnancy is never easy, Jill is really lucky to have such tremendous resources in her mother and her mentors. 

Who do you think will be more nervous, Derrick or Jill?


Image via TLC 

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