Chris Soules Reveals 'Disgusting' Truth About His Overnight Date With Whitney

Chris Soules Whitney Bischoff

Ahh, the fantasy suite dates on The Bachelor. They're always so over-the-top in terms of romanticism and luxury, which is why we weren't the last bit surprised when Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff had the pleasure of sailing off into the Indian Ocean in Bali. Of course, appearances can be quite deceiving, especially on reality TV shows.


In his latest blog for People, Chris admitted that the Bachelor crew got horribly seasick during his "amazing" date with Whitney, to the point where it turned into an all out puke-fest.

Chris explains:

Spending the day at sea with Whitney was mostly great. Well, we had fun. The crew? Not so much. The waves were pretty big that day, and almost everyone got really, really seasick. Walking around behind the cameras was like walking around a Civil War battleground reenactment. Bodies everywhere. I think the captain, Whitney and I were the only people who didn't get sick! While Whitney and I were popping champagne and sharing a romantic kiss, I could actually hear one of the producers puking off the side of the boat. Yeah, not the most romantic moment of my life.

OMG. Poor Whitney! She must have been totally mortified, not to mention really grossed out. I mean, can you imagine locking lips with a man while listening to the not-so-gentle hum of a dude heaving in the background?

Eww. No wonder she and Chris were both sucking back champagne like it was their job. But hey, at least one of them didn't wind up barfing on camera. (Could've been a deal breaker for sure. Just ask Alex Michel.)

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No matter how disgusting their date was, however, I guess it does speak volumes about Whitney and Chris' relationship if they can still have fun together even in a particularly unpleasant situation. Marriage and babies and all that jazz isn't exactly unicorns and roses all the time, so it's a good sign if they can still manage to make out and enjoy it even when the air reeks of puke.

Do you think Whitney is the right woman for Chris?


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