Single 'Walking Dead' Gay Kiss Delivered More Horror Than Every Gory Death So Far

Walking Dead gay kiss

For some extremely close-minded individuals, there was a moment in last Sunday’s Walking Dead that was far more shocking than the hundreds of scenes of decapitation, near-child-rape, cannibalism, wanton pudding-eating, a gory C-section followed by a son having to kill his own mother, a young girl killing her sister, various limbs being amputated, and countless zombies doing countless acts of brain-melting violence. Unbelievably, there remain people in this world who are more horrified by a loving gay kiss than anything else depicted on this rated-M-for-Mature-and-they-MEAN-it show.


I’m talking about the characters Aaron and his partner Eric who were introduced in last week’s episode, of course. I’m not going to include a roundup of the offensive tweets that went up after the kissing scene on Sunday, but you can probably guess the nature of some of the remarks (if you really want to see ignorance in action, there are some screen captures here).

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It completely boggles my mind that the same people who rabidly tune in for a show about the violent, ruined world left behind by a zombie apocalypse can still get this worked up over a man showing affection towards another man. Seriously, who watches heads getting blown up on a regular basis then goes berserk when the show depicts the perfectly unsurprising existence of a gay couple? Not to mention what this person pointed out:

Right? As long as it’s GIRLS getting it on. Heck, that’s the subject of our favorite porn!

Readers of the comics already knew Aaron’s sexual orientation, and newsflash to everyone who lost their minds during that kiss: THERE ARE MORE GAY CHARACTERS COMING. Frankly, just as there’s no reason to rage-stroke over the subject matter, there’s no particular reason to praise the show for being some sort of groundbreaking liberal force in television. I completely agree with the palpable eye rolls in this tweet:

Exactly. Now can we can back to the things that are REALLY upsetting about the Walking Dead? Like just how stinky Michonne’s leather vest must be right about now?

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