Kaitlyn Bristowe Makes Heartbreaking Admission After Breakup With Chris

Chris Soules Kaitlyn Bristowe

Ugh. Even though we kind of saw his decision coming a mile away, it was still painful to watch Chris Soules break up with Kaitlyn Bristowe after their fantasy suite date on The Bachelor, mainly because it seemed like they were finally connecting and taking the next step in their relationship.


And as is the case with all of the ladies who wind up being sent home, Kaitlyn appeared on Good Morning America today to talk about her experience, and what she had to say kind of makes us a little mad at Chris.

She described how truly blindsided she was by Chris' decision, to the point where when she first saw him walking back to the rose ceremony with Becca, she figured Whitney was being sent home. And honestly, can you really blame her for being caught off guard? First of all, Chris never should've told her that he was falling in love with her, a.) because it's a Bachelor no-no, and b.) because saying those words makes it seem like he was leading her on in a sense.

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And while we can't be sure exactly what went down in the fantasy suite, we can probably assume they did something more than just kissing, so it makes sense that Kaitlyn called her exit from the rose ceremony "the most humiliating moment of her life."

But while Chris may not have felt like she was the person he wants to marry, um, who else thinks just about every man in America and Canada would jump at the chance to date her if ABC is smart enough to cast her as The Bachelorette?

OMG. If they so much as consider giving Britt Nilsson the gig instead of her, I'm vowing right here and now not to watch the show next season.

Kaitlyn is totally real. And down to earth. And cool. And beautiful. And she doesn't have a mean or spiteful bone in her body, which is way more than we can say for Britt. (Sorry, but it's true.)

They have to make her the new Bachelorette. They just HAVE to.

(Fingers and toes crossed.)

Do you think Chris made the right decision in sending Kaitlyn home?


Image via kaitlynbristowe/Instagram

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