Lea Michele Takes Heartbreaking Souvenir From 'Glee' Set on Final Day of Filming (PHOTO)


The countdown is on, fellow Gleeks! The last episode EVER of Glee airs on March 20, and the cast officially wrapped for good last week. While we don't know how the series will sign off, we do know that Lea Michele was incredibly emotional and sentimental during the show's final days as she documented it all on Twitter.


You have to feel for the cast -- especially Lea -- because wrapping Glee after six years had to drudge up all kinds of sadness and reminders that Cory Monteith wasn't there to share with them this milestone. Glee creator Ryan Murphy even revealed last year how Glee would have ended if Cory were still alive to play Finn. It seems this entire season would have gone very differently because Finn, not Rachel and Kurt, would have taken over New Directions and the last scene would have Rachel coming home to Finn. Sigh . . .

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So amid all the sentimental photos that Lea posted on Twitter during the final days of taping, there was one that particularly stuck out and I'll admit, brought a few tears to my eyes. Here is Lea walking off set, carrying home with her a special memento -- Finn's football jersey in a frame.

Lea tweeted a special thank you to her fans on the final day of taping that said, “I can't believe tomorrow is our last day at Glee. It is going to be such an emotional day. But I'm so grateful though to have had…this incredibly amazing experience. Thank you so much to all of our amazing Gleeks who supported us so much! I love you guys. We were so lucky to have had the most amazing crew who worked so hard everyday to make the show amazing. I'm so grateful for them…So thank you all again so much from the bottom of my heart. I will miss Rachel Berry so very much.”

Yep, think it's safe to say that tissues will be mandatory while watching the finale!

Are you going to miss Glee? How do you think it will end?

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