'Bachelor' Recap: Becca's Big Secret Makes Chris Do the Unthinkable

Chris Soules Becca Tilley

Anddddd then there were two! Man, was this one of the most emotional episodes of The Bachelor yet, or what? First of all, considering this was the only time they left U.S. soil during the whole process, Bali certainly set the perfect stage for dumping one of your girlfriends romance. (Am I right?)


Aside from the fact that it was so freakin' hot on all the dates that Chris was literally soaking through his shirts, it seems like he definitely connected with all three of the remaining women on a much (ahem) ... deeper level.

Of course, he wasn't anywhere near prepared for the ton of bricks that hit him when Becca Tilley finally revealed that she's a virgin, like 5 seconds after they entered the fantasy suite. Man. Talk about a buzz kill. How priceless was the look on Chris' face?

Sure, he handled her confession pretty well and we can probably assume he was a perfect gentleman for the remainder of the evening, though it's pretty clear that not being intimate with Becca almost made him send her home at the rose ceremony.

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Oh come on, he was totally set on saying goodbye to her and proceeding with Whitney Bischoff and Kaitlyn Bristowe until, of course, Becca let her guard down and admitted she's falling in love with him. He simply couldn't resist her at that moment in time, which is why he suddenly flip-flopped and decided to send Kaitlyn packing.

But honestly, we probably shouldn't be all that surprised. He and Whitney have much better chemistry than he did with Kaitlyn, and as for Becca? Well, he's just totally stupid for her, to the point where he even appears to be entertaining the thought of not getting laid indefinitely.

She certainly doesn't seem ready to pack up and move to Iowa to get hitched, whereas Whitney is this close to stealing ovulation kits from the fertility clinic where she works, so Chris is going to have to be reallllllly patient and make a few sacrifices if he winds up choosing Becca in the end.

Ugh. It almost sucks that we have to get through the "Women Tell All" special before finding out which lovely lady will wind up engaged to Chris. But then again, seeing the other castoffs tear each other apart will probably prove to be worth waiting an extra week.

Do you think Chris will pick Whitney or Becca?


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