Mackenzie Douthit's Latest Body Transformation Is Mind-Blowing (PHOTO)

Holy cow! Just when we think this girl can't get any more ripped, she shows us up and leaves our jaws on the ground as to how incredible she looks. Mackenzie Douthit shared a pic of her leanest body to date, and we can't get over the muscle definition on her teeny tiny frame.


The Teen Mom 3 star is a known gym rat, and is constantly strengthening her body alongside her hot cowboy husband, Josh McKee. As a competitive cheerleader, she knows the importance of not just being trim, but also building muscle and core strength.

Mackenzie has said before that it's her dream to become a fitness model, and from the looks of this photo she posted to Instagram over the weekend, she seems to be well on her way.


"Finally getting the lean muscle look in my legs I've been wanting," the mom of two wrote. "If your [sic] working hard in the gym make sure you have good health to back it up. Until I started eating clean low carb high protein diet I didn't see results."

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Mackenzie has extra motivation to stay lean and healthy, on top of just how gorgeous she looks. She suffers from Type 1 diabetes, so she knows firsthand how important it is take care of your body with diet and exercise.

Whether it's her fitness model aspirations, managing her health around her illness, or just because she feels good about herself -- this girl is an inspiration for the rest of us to get our butts to the gym.

Does this photo make you want to go work out more?


Image via Mackenzie Douthit/Instagram

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