Truth About Andi Dorfman 'Bachelorette' Rumors Might Surprise You

Andi Dorfman

Ever since a little rumor popped up a couple of weeks ago about Andi Dorfman being The Bachelorette again, most of us were all "hell to the no!" upon hearing that she might get another shot as ABC's leading lady. While it's really nothing personal against her, she already did both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, so it just doesn't seem fair for her to have a third chance at finding love on TV.


Thankfully, it appears as though there is no truth to the idea of Andi taking the reins again. A source told E! News that she's definitely not interested in the gig and added, "Andi would never go through that process again in a million years."

Hmm. Really? If we've learned anything as far as reality TV shows go, one should never say never, especially when the potential of a fat paycheck is involved.

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Think about it for a second. Usually ABC winds up choosing a castoff from The Bachelor to be the new Bachelorette, but the pool of likely contenders isn't exactly A-plus this time around.

Sure, Britt Nilsson was a front runner for a while, until she showed her true colors and totally made a fool out of herself on the last episode of the show, which likely lost her more than a few loyal fans. There are plenty of folks who probably won't bother tuning in for the new season if ABC gives her the job.

And then there's Chris' most recent dumpee, Jade Roper. Yes, she just about as sweet as sweet gets (minus the whole Playboy thing,) but she just seems way too reserved and quiet to take on 25 dudes all by herself.

Carly Waddell would make a ton of fans happy as The Bachelorette, though she might have a little bit too much of the girl next door thing going on, to the point where guys will wind up wanting to give her the dreaded "friend" card over and over again.

That leaves Kaitlyn Bristowe, Whitney Bischoff, and Becca Tilley as possibilities, though we'll have to see how the rest of the show plays out before we can comment on how each of them would fare.

Yep. At this point, it's easy to see why Andi's name has come up. And something tells me if they offered her enough dough, she wouldn't have any qualms about accepting the gig. But honestly, if ABC can't settle on a new alum for the new season, maybe it would be best for them to go out on a limb and cast someone we've never "met" before. If nothing else, at least it will breathe some new life into the show and give us someone we don't have any preconceived notions about. (Hmm. Could be pretty interesting.)

Who do you think should be the next Bachelorette?


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