Maci Bookout's New Baby Bump Photo Leaves Us Speechless

Taylor McKinney Maci Bookout

For whatever reason, she's being fairly private about her pregnancy this time around, but it's tough for fans not to want to soak up every little detail that Maci Bookout will give us about how things are progressing. We caught our first glimpse of Maci's baby bump a little less than a month ago, and luckily, she chose to show us another pic on Instagram late last week.


Check out her growing belly, if you can even manage to spot it, that is!



A photo posted by â�¡ï¸ï¿½ (@macideshanebookout) onFeb 20, 2015 at 3:43pm PST


Seriously, she doesn't even look pregnant in this shot! If you didn't know she has a bun in the oven, would you honestly peg her for a preggo by the looks of this photo?

Ugh. If only the rest of us were fortunate enough to look this svelte and stunning during pregnancy, we wouldn't be the least bit hesitant about having our picture taken.

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And I thought the old rule of thumb was that when you're expecting a baby girl, she "steals your beauty," or whatever? Huh. That certainly isn't the case as far as Maci is concerned, so perhaps we can squash that old wive's tale once and for all.

On that note, let's hope she gets even less shy for the duration of her pregnancy and shows off a few more pics of her adorable tummy. That bump is way too cute to keep under wraps!

Do you think Maci looks pregnant?


Image via macideshanebookout/Instagram

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