Jeremy Calvert's Alleged Fling's Latest Move Could Shatter Leah's World

Oh my. It's hard to tell what's going on in the world of Jeremy and Leah Calvert, but given the recent rumors via Brittany Musick's Twitter account, it's hard not to wonder. Jeremy Calvert's alleged mistress said she's filming, and the rest of us are left wondering ... what the heck is she filming for?


Brit came into the picture when Jeremy and Leah were seemingly separated (since they never officially announced, it's hard to be sure, but Jeremy was supposedly living in a trailer for a time...), and while the pair never met in person, they did share a texting flirtation. And by that I mean Jeremy sent her pictures of his junk, because for some reason, guys think girls like that.

Anyway, here's what Musick tweeted last week:

Filming whaaaaaat? Don't leave us hanging! Is it possible that Brittany was filming for an upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2? She's already gone on the record saying that she'd do it, if they "paid [her] good."

We can't imagine a world in which Leah would be OK with this. Things have got to still be stressful with Jeremy, even though they do seem to be trying to work it out. The last thing she probably wants is another woman that her husband was attracted to sitting on the couch across from her and Dr. Drew.

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Another factor against Brittany being on Teen Mom 2 is Leah's initial reluctance to sign on for another season. She was going to opt not to film given all the drama in her life right now, but eventually decided to allow the cameras to continue to roll. We're thinking that MTV wouldn't risk bringing Brit Brit in at this point?

Well, whatever is going on, we can't wait to see what happens when the show finally airs!

Do you think Brittany Musick will be featured on Teen Mom 2?


Image via Leah Calvert/Facebook

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