'Teen Mom 2' Star's Daughter Sustains Serious Injury (PHOTO)

Oh no! One of the kids on Teen Mom 2 has sustained a rather serious injury. The child of Chelsea Houska's ex-boyfriend Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur seems to be OK, but it's obvious from Taylor's Instagram posts that darling little Paislee Lind suffered a pretty bad broken arm.


Taylor hasn't said what happened, but in more than one photo on her social media stream, Paislee can be seen sporting a bright pink, full-arm cast!

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The good news is that Paislee seems to be in good spirits, and since she's not even two yet, hopefully will heal very quickly. In fact, we're hoping that due to her age, they're just being overly cautious on the cast and keeping her arm immobilized. Because that is one heckuva cast for such a tiny girl!

Cheeseball �

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This sweetie is in such good spirits for having such a recent boo boo. Just four days ago, Taylor was posting pics and videos of Paislee pre-injury, or at least without a cast. Three days ago, on February 17, Tay tweeted, "Hopefully we can all get some rest tonight," so if I had to guess, I'd say that's when it happened.

Whatever happened, we hope Paislee continues to be in good spirits, and heals quickly!

What do you think happened to Paislee's arm?


Image via Taylor Halbur/Instagram

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