'Bachelor' Star Jade Roper on 'Dancing With the Stars'? Yes, Please!

Jade Roper

If you weren't the only one who was pretty disappointed to see Chris Soules send her home the other night, then I have some potentially good news to share. It looks like there is a chance that Jade Roper will appear on Dancing With the Stars Season 20, though we won't know for sure until the cast is revealed on GMA next Tuesday, February 24th.


Apparently the idea of her being on DWTS came up when rumors about her posing for Playboy a second time were addressed. A source told Hollywood Life:

Jade would probably do Dancing With The Stars before Playboy again. She wants to move her career forward and feels that she already did pictures, so she wouldn't want to do it again so soon. Maybe in the distant future, but not anytime soon.

OMG. Maybe this was simply a plug for Jade to hopefully get her cast on the show, but what if producers are really considering it? Don't you think she'd be a perfect addition to the cast?

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Despite the fact that she posed nude, Jade really does have this sweet, somewhat innocent nature about her, so it would be really interesting to watch her come out of her shell on the show. Plus, she certainly has the body for the skimpy costumes, so it's not like male viewers will exactly be complaining about watching her shake it week after week.

And since there have also been rumors that Chris Soules will do DWTS after his Bachelor run, it would be super entertaining to have both of them competing against each other.

But let's just hope ABC is wise enough to cast at least one of them, since it's been way too long since a Bachelor or Bachelorette star has appeared on the show. Look at how much fun we had watching Melissa Rycroft and Sean Lowe! Wouldn't it be great to root for our favorites again?

Do you think Jade would do well on DWTS?


Image via jadelizroper/Instagram

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