'How to Get Away With Murder' Recap: Annalise's Mom Drops a Bombshell

ABC's new hit show How to Get Away With Murder never fails to make our jaws drop, and tonight's episode, "Mama's Here Now," was no exception. Legendary actress Cicely Tyson joined the show as the never-before-mentioned mother of Annalise Keating (Viola Davis), and we learned just where Annalise gets her ability to get. The. Job. Done.

Warning -- spoilers ahead.


The episode started with Annalise in bed and no good to anyone after having framed her on-again-off-again lover Nate Lahey for her husband Sam's brutal murder. After all, she did promise to protect her law students from their role in Sam's death and subsequent cover-up. My guess is that Nate is in on the whole thing, and I'll be shocked if she doesn't find a way to get him off.

Anyway, Annalise is in bed, and in comes her mama, Ophelia, opening drapes and doing other bossy mommy things like telling her stop feeling sorry for herself in her big fancy house and to get her butt out of bed.

Since Annalise is "sick," it was left to Bonnie and the rest of the crew to handle their latest case all on their own. This one involved a not-so-attractive female nurse, who was being sued by a patient for rape. Bonnie totally bungled her opening statement, and we all cringed inwardly for her.

It turns out that their client did have sex with the model-hot patient -- but wait for it -- it was all part of a scheme cooked up by his boyfriend who worked in the hospital's legal department! The plan was to seduce the poor vulnerable girl, accuse her of rape, get a hefty settlement from the hospital, and move out of the country.

So Bonnie got her day in court, and then for some reason made out with Asher in the parking garage. I guess she doesn't completely regret that one time they hooked up after all.

Connor and Oliver's relationship heated up too, and Connor even took him to meet the group at a bar. Back when Connor showed up at Oliver's door in mental breakdown mode after dismembering and scorching Sam's body, he had to tell him that he had a drug problem, so now he can never drink in front of him. Will be interesting to see how that relationship plays out, but his character was full of surprises tonight. He not only took Oliver to meet his friends, he also refused to take advantage of his inebriation once they got home. Maybe there's a good heart in there somewhere after all.

So back to Annalise and her mom -- they start getting into it, and it's revealed that Annalise was a victim of sexual assault by her Uncle Clyde. She sought help from psychologist Sam Keating, which explains how that relationship started and why she was so attached to him even though he was kind of an asshole. Annalise accused her mother of turning a blind eye to the abuse, and her mother said that was just part of being female, because men just "take things." She also said it was no reason to go see a "head-shrinker."

Shivers. Except for later, Ophelia comes in and Annalise lets her comb her hair, which is just about as motherly a thing as one can do. That's when she told the story of what happened when she saw drunk Uncle Clyde coming out of Annalise's room at night. He was a big man, she said, and he drank cheap liquor and smoked three packs a day, stinking up the whole house.

She said that she'd have to put out his cigarettes after he fell asleep on the couch in a drunken stupor ... and one night when she found him there, she got Annalise and her siblings out of the house to Aunt Mabel's ... and that night the house burned to the ground with Uncle Clyde in it.

Ophelia tells her, "I know how you've been torturing yourself about what went on here, baby, and maybe you did something real bad, I don't know ... I know if you did, you had your reasons. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Even if all you've got is a long match ... and some very flammable hooch."

Boom. Her mother didn't abandon her and let bad things happen to her -- she got the job done. That's when she pulled herself together and visited Nate in prison, and secretly handed him a note that read, "Fire your lawyer," and left a phone number for him to call.

He's going to need it too, because Michaela found out from the assistant D.A. she seduced that Rebecca told the cops that Nate asked her to plant evidence that Sam killed Lila Stangard, but she refused to do it. Things are looking like they're not what they seem with that one, and Wes does some digging to find out if his girlfriend's been lying to him. He's been trying to figure out what happened to Rudy, the tenant who lived in his apartment before him and made all those scratches in the wall above his bed.

Wes and Laurel end up at a psychiatric hospital where he's been committed, and when they show him a picture of Rebecca, all he can say is, "Wet." Remember this whole chain of events started when Lila's body was found in the water tank of her sorority house.

So. Many. Questions! Did Rebecca kill Lila? Did she try to save her, but was too late? Did Rudy witness something awful between Lila and Rebecca? Did Rebecca drug Rudy? What is going on here??

I guess we'll have to wait for the two-hour finale next week to find out.

Who do you think murdered Lila Standgard?


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