'Mad Men' Final Season Teaser Offers Fun, Sexy Clues (VIDEO)

mad men screenshot don megan season 7 part 2 trailerMad Men fans, rejoice! Don Draper and Co. are coming back as of April 5, and AMC just released the first trailer for the second part of season 7 -- aka the final season. In typical Matthew Weiner form, the teaser, entitled "The Party's Over," doesn't tell us much AT ALL, but it's still a feast of eye candy for us to speculate on!


Check it out.

First impressions? Diana Ross's "Love Hangover" came out in 1976, so does that mean we're jumping THAT far ahead?! (As you probably recall, we left off in the summer of '69, as Bryan Adams once sang.) Eh, my guess is no -- that may just be an ananchronism, or just a general nod to the fact that we're picking up again in the decade of DISCO!

Sally's dress looks very Partridge Family aka early '70s. Megan is always ahead of the fashion curve, so let's not read too much into her sexy bellbottoms and belly chain!

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Don does look older, though. And Roger just keeps getting more and more silver fox suave. Meanwhile, Pete looks like he may be pining over Peggy, who doesn't even NEED to give him the time of day. Ha! Also, she looks gorgeous, right?

Though, let's not forget about rainbow-colored, sundress-wearing Betty, who is a sight to behold, too.

Well, one thing's for certain: Even if Don's "party" doesn't end exactly as we envisioned it, we still have a kaleidescope of super-cool fashion moments to look forward to!

What are your first impressions from the teaser trailer?


Image via AMC

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