Britt Nilsson Disses Other 'Bachelor' Women in Most Hypocritical Way (VIDEO)

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We probably shouldn't be all that surprised that she's a little bent out of shape after seeing how much she was truly disliked by her fellow cast members on The Bachelor, but man, Britt Nilsson slammed the other women on the show during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.


Check out this clip from her appearance, and pay close attention to what she says at about the 1 minute, 45 second mark.

Um, excuse me? She was the ONLY one in the bunch who was honest about being totally shocked by how small Arlington is? Oh boy. She just opened up a huge can of worms, since she basically just flat-out called the rest of the girls liars.

Sure, everyone who went on the impromptu road trip to Chris' hometown was kind of blown away by just how in the middle of nowhere it really is, but it's not like any of them actually said, "I can't picture myself here," which is what supposedly came out of Britt's mouth when she first laid eyes on it.

I know she insists that she did not lie to Chris, but for all of us watching at home, it certainly seemed like she suddenly had a change of heart the minute she knew Chris would likely send her packing if she didn't gush over Arlington.

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And while it's understandable that her feelings were pretty hurt after hearing what was being said about her behind her back, she basically just made herself look like a hypocrite for throwing the other women under the bus, so ...

As for the part where Jimmy hinted that she should be the next Bachelorette? OMG. Who else thinks the whole covering her mouth, "I'm so humble do you think ABC will really pick me" bit was just about the worst acting job we've ever seen?

Ugh. If she does somehow manage to land the gig, it's going to be the most annoying season of the show we've EVER seen, and that's being kind.

Do you think Britt is fake?


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