Leah Calvert Accused of Dressing & Posing Her Daughters 'Provocatively'

Leah Calvert and Ali

Leah Calvert sure has faced more controversy than most other mamas out there. The latest critique against the Teen Mom 2 star is that she's sexualizing her 5-year-old twin daughters Ali and Aleeah, by dressing them too provocatively and even letting them wear lipstick.


Leah uploaded some pictures to her Facebook fan page recently, and people almost immediately started freaking out over them. It seems as though Ali and Aleeah were in a cheerleading competition or showcase, and as such, were in tumbling costumes and hair and makeup.

Even though they were just dressed in typical gymnastics clothes, people accused Leah of dressing them too provocatively. Um, maybe because their little tummies were showing? Sorry, but I'm failing to see anything "sexual" about a 5-year-old's belly button.

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One psychologist, Dr. Judy Kuriansky, went so far as to tell Radar Online that the girls look "inappropriate" for their age.

"They are being pushed to dress sexy," said the author of 31 Things to Raise a Child's Self-Esteem. "The fit and level of exposure is inappropriate for pre-adolescent girls. It seems the dance teachers are trying to garner attention."

And she really doesn't like the following photograph, which apparently is the end of Ali and Aleeah's twinship. She said, "She's sticking her stomach out and tilting her head, while Ali looks like a shy little girl ... There will likely be sibling rivalry down the line."

Oh yes. Many a sisters have been torn apart through the years by the tilt of their heads. It's tragic, really.

I'm officially calling bull on Leah's haters here. Yes, their outfits are totally appropriate, given the circumstances. Even wearing lipstick is totally warranted here. Give me a ring when Leah sends her daughters to school in lace lingerie and we'll have a chat -- now that would be worth talking about.

Do you think Leah has Ali and Aleeah dressed inappropriately here?


Images via leahdawnmtv92/Instagram; Leah Calvert/Facebook

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