Mackenzie Douthit Makes Confession About Josh That Totally Blows Our Minds

Mackenzie Douthit has never been shy about sharing her husband Josh McKee's thoughts with the world via her social media streams. We've heard it all, from his snoring to his bathroom habits ... now we know the truth about how Josh really feels about the size of Mackenzie's breasts. According to her at least.


The Teen Mom 3 star posted the insanely hot photo above of her and Josh at the gym this week to her Instagram, along with this message of self-acceptance:

Yes I'm a health and fitness freak, yes I have a flat chest wether [sic] I work out or not, even when I breast fed and through two pregnancies they continued to be flat, it's something called genes... And yes ... Wait for it...... MY HUSBAND LOVES MY FLAT CHEST ...So yes ladies and gents that's all that matters ... love the body God gave you and make the absolute best of it.

Mackenzie's amazing bod is definitely a combination of genes and lifestyle -- she not only eats an extremely healthy diet to accommodate for her Type 1 diabetes, she's also a total gym rat and competition cheerleader.

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We're not sure what prompted Mack to defend her flat chest, but it's obvious she's not only proud of her entire body, but also what her hubby thinks of it. Otherwise, why the all caps? We're inclined to believe her too, since, let's face it, big or small, they're boobs, and Josh is a man.

But still, it's cool that she's sharing this and letting it be known to all her flat-chested sisters out there that men don't have to have a large-breasted woman to be totally in love with her and her chest. So go ahead and opt for some implants if it will make you feel better just for you -- but don't do it for a man. Find yourself someone who will love every part of you just because it's you!

Do you think being flat-chested is a big deal?


Image via Mackenzie Douthit/Instagram

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