'19 Kids & Counting' Season Premiere Recap: Jill Duggar STOLE From Michelle Duggar?!

19 kids and counting

The Duggar clan is back! The season premiere of 19 Kids & Counting was FULL of tasty morsels and treats. It was also full of shocking news. 


While visiting her family during their Bible reading time, Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard made a shocking confession. Jill told the family that the last time she was visiting, she STOLE a pregnancy test from her mother's cabinet, and it turns out --- she is expecting her first child! Wee! Just 30 days into being married! AHHHHHH!

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It was very sweet, of course, to see her entire family freak out adorably about the new kid being en route to the newlyweds. I think Jim Bob Duggar's face practically broke from smiling. God knows that his arm is probably tired from doling out his excited brand of #sidehug. Michelle, in turn, raved about how excited she was to learn that she is going to be a grandmother.

But everybody overlooked something that to me was kind of strange -- the way in which Jill chose to make the announcement. I mean, it would have been like me being all, "Mom, I took one of your Ambien and also I have a boyfriend now!" Not that this is ever a thing that has actually happened. Mainly only because my mom doesn't have any Ambien hanging around.

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But in a way, it wasn't far off. If Jill and Derick wanted to throw folks off with a viral-worthy birth announcement, then I get it. But maybe making a joke out of taking stuff that doesn't belong to you isn't exactly the best way to go about it. Obviously I don't think Jill meant any harm by it, and it went almost completely overlooked by her family -- but it was a weird choice all the same.

What moments are you most looking forward to seeing this season?


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