Chris Soules Slams Britt Nilsson but Who Can Blame Him?

Britt Nilsson

Huh. Isn't it wild just how quickly someone can go from being a front-runner on The Bachelor to being, well, literally dumped and left crying, sitting on a curb? Even though we kind of assumed he'd opt not to give her a rose, it was still pretty crazy when Chris Soules sent Britt Nilsson home last night, especially given how enamored he was of her up until the moment she cracked on the last group date.


OMG. We couldn't help but give him a round of applause for finally seeing her true colors, but as it turns out, Chris realized Britt was a phony a lot sooner than we thought.

In his new People blog, he explained:

Anyway, going into the rose ceremony, I knew what I was doing to do. Frankly, I was not going to give Britt a rose. Yes, her outburst a couple nights prior had something to do with it, but it wasn't just that. Her sincerity had been on my mind for a couple days. First remember that Ashley I. said something about her on the two-on-one? When I was saying goodbye to her, she questioned if Britt would be the type to live in Iowa. And what you didn't get to see was that at the cocktail party in Deadwood, Jade said something to me about Britt. She said she constantly flip-flopped on her opinions and was just telling me what I wanted to hear. Carly was almost the last straw.

I also started feeling like Britt's over-the-topness wasn't fully sincere. It started to feel like she was putting on a performance. And the girls' comments supported that. It was too bad because we did have such a strong connection right off the bat. But truthfully, now I question all of that. Early on I thought she, and our connection, was too good to be true. Turns out it was.

Seriously? He had his doubts about her for, like, days before that final rose ceremony in Iowa? Maybe her incessant Tigger-like bouncing is what tipped him off? Whatever the case, we couldn't be more proud of him. And honestly, the fact that he's telling us how he truly feels about her instead of defending her just goes to show what an honest, real dude he is.

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Out of all of the women this season, Britt definitely seemed like the least genuine of the whole bunch, well, aside from Kelsey and Ashley, that is.

She just had this funny way of saying all the right things to Chris at exactly the right times, almost as if she were auditioning for a role on a soap opera versus trying to land a husband. (Imagine that?)

But now that he's officially seen straight through her, let's just hope ABC follows suit and doesn't even remotely consider offering her The Bachelorette gig. When rumors first popped up about who will land the highly coveted role, Britt's name was thrown around as a major contender. But after seeing her childish behavior on the show, there's no way they can put her in the driver's seat and expect fans to root for her.

Are you proud of Chris for seeing Britt's true colors?


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