Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Are Back Together Until They Break Up Again

Now taking the reins from Teen Mom 2's most confusing couple, here's Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith! A few months ago, we couldn't keep track if Jeremy and Leah Calvert were together or breaking up, and now we can't figure out what's going on with Jenelle and Nathan.


It was just last week that Nate took to Twitter to tell Jenelle to leave him the f--k alone and then deleted his whole account. The two seem to have been on rocky ground ever since they got engaged in St. Thomas last month. There have been some ambiguous tweets, but we were pretty sure it was all over after Nathan unleashed like that.

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But as of Monday, it looks like things are back on, and Jenelle and Nathan are continuing as if nothing happened. He reactivated his Twitter account and tweeted this happy-go-lucky sentiment about playing video games with Jenelle.

I'm sorry, but what? What does he want her to do -- play Wii or f--k off? It's all so confusing.

To add to the puzzle, Jenelle is wearing her engagement ring again and Instagrammed a photo that makes it seem like she wanted to announce it to the world that she is still betrothed to Nathan.

"So shiny" �

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

Side note -- Baby Kaiser is so freaking adorable, we can barely stand it!

With all of this conflicting information, we're left wondering if Jenelle and Nathan are having a blast, chuckling to themselves about how much they're mind-tripping us.

Well, whatever is happening with them, we're glad they're back together and seem to be working it out. When all is said and done, they really do seem perfect together -- and with Jace and Kaiser in the picture, it's better for them to learn to get along if they can.

What do you think is going on with Jenelle and Nathan?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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