Chris Soules Makes 'Disturbing' Confession About Jade Roper's Hometown Date

Chris Soules Jade Roper

Out of any hometown date episode in the history of The Bachelor, Chris Soules' visits with his remaining four women had to be some of the most dramatic we've seen so far. Granted, the families were pretty gracious to him, so it's not like there were too many super awkward moments, but man, the whole bit with Jade Roper telling him about her Playboy past was definitely pretty intense.


I guess we shouldn't be all that shocked that Chris managed to keep his composure and act like the pics were no big deal. I mean, what the heck was he supposed to do? The poor dude was cornered on a skeevy couch (which appeared to be in a budget chain motel) and was forced to look at Jade's naked bod in all its glory. It's not like he could get up and run away without looking like a total jackass.

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But we couldn't help but wonder what was really going through Chris' head at that point in time, which is what makes his new People blog all the more interesting.

Chris shared his true feelings about Jade's hometown date, and believe it or not, he used the word "disturbed" more than once. He wrote:

Talking to her family, I realized very quickly that I didn't really know the real Jade. They kept calling her a "free spirit," and her brother even called her a "wild mustang." I've said before that I want some edge in my future wife. I love to unleash and let go and have fun. But that was basically the opposite of the Jade I'd seen up until that point. The Jade I knew was quiet, shy, almost meek. I was intrigued by what her family was saying, but almost disturbed by the fact that the Jade I knew was so different from what they were describing. I was also a bit disturbed by her brother Zach's concern about Jade's willingness to move back to a small town. I hadn't really questioned that about Jade, but I started feeling like there was this whole side to her that I didn't know about.

Whoa. Is it me or does Chris seem kind of tormented about what went down in Nebraska? Granted, he still maintains that Jade's nude modeling had nothing to do with him deciding to send her home, but exactly none of us are buying what he's selling.

Oh come on, her family may have indicated that she has a "wild" side, but do you honestly believe the thought of her having nude photos out there ever crossed Chris' mind until she told him? Not a chance. He was totally smitten by her sweet, quiet nature -- right up until he saw her va-jay-jay, that is.

I guess we'll never know for sure whether or not this relationship would've stood the test of time if those pictures hadn't been shown to Chris. But something tells me Jade probably doesn't have anything to worry about as far as her career skyrocketing from here goes. Hey, now that she's shed her good girl image, she might as well roll with it and see where it takes her, right?

Do you think Chris dumped Jade because of her past?


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