'Bachelor' Recap: Jade Roper's Nude Photos Bring Out Chris' True Intentions

Jade Roper

Yes!! After a couple of weeks of annoying cliffhangers, FINALLY we had the opportunity to end The Bachelor with an actual rose ceremony, so now we officially know which three ladies Chris Soules has opted to take on his overnight dates. And while all of this week's hometown dates had their fair share of drama, I think we can all agree that hearing Jade Roper tell Chris she posed nude for Playboy was by far the highlight of the night.


OMG. Watching him try and get through her confession while acting like it didn't really faze him was awkward enough, but when she whipped out the laptop and actually showed him her naked pictures? It was honestly kind of tough to tell whether he was turned on or totally mortified.

Of course, once the rose ceremony rolled around and he sent Jade packing, we obviously got our answer -- not that any of us were the least bit shocked.

Duh. The dude is a farmer who lives in a town in Iowa that may or may not have one stoplight. Something tells me if he comes home with a wife who has so much as looked at a Playboy magazine, the whole community will likely flip out and nobody will want to buy his corn (or whatever). Yes, he wants to find a soul mate, but it's obvious that he needs her to remain fully clothed in front of cameras at all times. No exceptions.

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But now that Jade is gone, let's go ahead and discuss the other three women who might wind up as the future Mrs. Chris Soules.

Hmm. As sweet and wholesome as Becca is, something about the fact that she isn't an "intimate" person just seems, well, off. Being a virgin is one thing, but not wanting to show any sort of affection toward your husband in public is another. Chris seems pretty smitten with her, but something about the two of them just doesn't feel right.

And then there's Kaitlyn. Man, that chick is the epitome of cool. She's funny, beautiful, and her family is freakin' amazing; Chris really can't go wrong if he chooses her to be his wife.

But let's just go ahead and state the obvious here. Um, who else thinks he's a damn fool if he doesn't jump at the chance to propose to Whitney at the end of this thing? She's clearly in love with him and wants nothing more than to move to Iowa and live happily ever after. Plus, she (maybe) wasted that fancy bottle of wine she was saving for the man she's going to marry on Chris, so he's kind of a jackass if he doesn't pop the question. (The least he can do is replace her stash if he picks someone else.)

Who do you think Chris will pick?


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