'Sister Wives' Recap: Meri Brown Drops a Divorce Bombshell

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This week on Sister Wives, Meri Brown prepared to drop a bombshell on the rest of the family: She's filing for a legal divorce from her husband Kody Brown. 


Now before you take to the streets loudly shrieking about how love is dead, I want you to listen very, very carefully: Meri isn't leaving the family! She made it very clear at the tail-end of tonight's episode when she went to visit a Vegas lawyer that she divorce she has in mind is a LEGAL one only. If you keep up with the family, you know that she ended their union on paper alone so that Kody could marry Robyn and provide her kids with some health-care. What wasn't reported in the tabloids when this news broke is just how hard this was for Meri to do. 

I had NO IDEA that this is something she'd thought up on her own, and gone to see a lawyer about without Kody at her side. It was pretty shocking to Meri going for the consult, and to check out the looks of total disbelief on the faces of her spouse and sister wives. She might say that it isn't a big deal, but I'm sorry, as the only woman who is technically legally married to Kody, signing that way -- for however noble the reason -- has to feel like a real blow, even if in her day to day life nothing is really going to change. 

While it's a really touching gesture, it feels to me like Meri is just taking another step away from the family. It's no secret that with her daughter all grown-up she's been really struggling to find her place. She hasn't seemed happy in a long time. Maybe Kody and the wives should look past the kind gesture and see what's really motivating Meri. 

What do you think is really going on with Meri?


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