Chris Soules Drops Another Big Clue About Who His Chosen Lady Is

chris soules bachelorHearts, roses, romance, it's the stuff of fairy tales, Valentine's Day, and, of course, The Bachelor. And our current leading man, Chris Soules, is all about the lovey-dovey. He recently dished to E! News about his Valentine's plans and dropped some major hints about his final pick.


While chatting with Kristin Dos Santos, he revealed that his plans for V-Day are a lil' bit underdeveloped.

"[It's hard], especially when we don't get to see each other that often," Soules says. "I'm going to have to work on that. I'm a little bit of a procrastinator, homemade [presents are] good. She likes those kinds of things."

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Well there we are, people! They're obviously still together and the lucky lady prefers the small, intimate, handmade gifts instead of extravagant purchases. Might this finally give away who Chris picks?

Let's do the rundown on Chris' final seven and find out which lucky lady might be receiving a homemade gift from the no-longer-bachelor. And warning: spoilers ahead!

  1. Britt: Let's be real, the girl showers once a week and rarely washes her hair. She's far from high-maintenance, so a hand-drawn construction paper card would be tops. But she's shown sobbing in the next week's preview and isn't all that ready for a move to Iowa, so we're questioning her longevity here.
  2. Whitney: The fertility nurse from Chicago can roll with the punches. Heck, she crashed a freakin' wedding with Chris, so no matter what he'd give her, she'd probably be down.
  3. Kaitlyn: She once admitted that she needs guys to reaffirm their love for her through vocal expressions. If she's Chris' top pick, let's hope his gift is a love-declaring song.
  4. Becca: Girl looks eerily like Jennifer Aniston (Chris' celebrity crush), so we're definitely banking on her.
  5. Megan: As long as it's a game of "you have to pick which of the five senses it is," Megan is game. Though not likely a front runner, sadly.
  6. Carly: You guys, she's from Arlington, Texas, and Chris is from Arlington, Iowa. Need I say more? So many matching DIY opportunities here, Mr. Soules.
  7. Jade: As much as we loved the quiet and shy makeup developer, next week's Playboy confession doesn't bode well for Jade. Chances are she doesn't make it past hometowns.

So which lucky lady is most likely receiving a Crayola-laden heart-shaped card and a hand-drawn portrait of the two? Our money's on Whitney and Becca.

Are we close, Chris?

Who do you think is Chris' final pick?


Image via David Moir/ABC

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