Chris Harrison Promises Andi Dorfman Interview Is 'Unbelievably Emotional'

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While most of us simply can't wait to see which chicks totally freak out after seeing the tiny town Chris Soules' hails from in Iowa, there's definitely one more good reason to tune in for next week's two-part Bachelor episode. Duh. For the first time since her split from Josh Murray, Andi Dorfman will talk to Chris Harrison about the breakup, and it sounds like we actually might get to hear what really happened between these two.


Get this one -- Chris went so far as to promise that his interview with Andi will be "unbelievably emotional" and advised viewers to "rest up and stay hydrated" before the show airs on Sunday at 8 p.m.

Huh? Stay hydrated? Is he trying to warn us that we'll be shedding tears over what Andi has to say about her engagement ending? He can't be serious.

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Maybe we're getting ready to see a totally new side of Andi or something, because it's so tough to picture her breaking down and getting all emotional about the breakup, given the "bad ass," tough girl vibe she's famous for putting out there.

But if she does wind up letting her guard down and filling us in on the nitty-gritty details of the split, what could she possibly tell us that will knock the wind out of our sails or whatever? Most of us assumed she and Josh were remaining together for the sake of their respective careers anyway, so she's going to have to drop some sort of major cheating bombshell or unexpected revelation about the relationship if we're truly going to be blown away.

That being said, of course we're still dying to tune in on Sunday night to see what, exactly, she reveals. Nothing quite spells entertaining TV like, well, entertaining Bachelorette drama.

What do you think Andi will reveal?


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