Jeremy Calvert's Crazy Twitter Rant Makes Us Believe He & Leah Are Really Over

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Look out, people! He's baaaaaacccck! After months of remaining silent on Twitter, all of a sudden Jeremy Calvert came back with a bang a few days ago, posting what is no doubt a series of messages intended for Leah Calvert, or at least that's what we're assuming. Check 'em out and see what you make of his not-so-cryptic comments.


It all started with this.

And then he tried to get all mysterious.

Then the bottle came out.

Oh, and then there's this #byebyebye bit, which must mean he's saying adios to Leah once and for all, right?

Huh. Maybe. Maybe not. But ... probably?

Oh come on, when the two of them turned up looking all happy together on New Year's Eve, did you really think it would last? Even if there is no truth to the rumors that Leah cheated on Jeremy with Robbie Kidd, the fact that he automatically believed the stories about her shows that there are serious trust issues between them, which were bound to come back to haunt them at some point.

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And even though the two of them gushed about each other via text a couple of weeks ago, a lot can happen in a matter of a few days, so who knows what prompted Jeremy to vent his frustrations on Twitter?

Hopefully once the new season of Teen Mom 2 airs, we'll have a better idea as to what is really going on between Leah and Jeremy. But based on what we know so far, things definitely aren't looking good as far as the two of them staying married goes.

Do you think Jeremy basically admitted the marriage is over?


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