'Family Feud' Contestant Blurts Out Hilariously Cringe-Worthy Answer (VIDEO)

Is it now a thing for contestants to come up with the most insane, inappropriate, and hilarious answers on Family Feud? Yet another player on the popular game show gave answer recently that left host Steve Harvey speechless once again. The prompt was, "Name something a doctor would pull out of a person," and her answer was equal parts hysterically funny and uncomfortably awkward.


The woman buzzed in, and spit out the first thing that came to her mind, which was apparently, "Gerbil." Yup, the fuzzy little rodent that is routinely (and unfairly) associated with certain activities that Richard Gere may or may not know about.

Side note -- poor Richard Gere. That's such a nasty rumor, especially when there are no known medical cases of this ever happening.

Anyway, the woman on the show didn't seem to know that, as it's the very first thing she thought of! It seems like she was truly embarrassed over the outburst and wished she could hit a rewind button. Harvey was basically left speechless, aside from repeating, "A gerbil?" several times.

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The best part though is her opponent, who after a brief shocked silence, let loose with a roaring laugh. I admit it -- I laughed out loud too.

What would you have answered?


Image via Family Feud/YouTube

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