​'House of Cards' Has Perfect Response After Season 3 Accidentally Leaks

For a few brief moments on Wednesday, February 11, some Netflix users were able to view the first 10 episodes of the third season of House of Cards. The uber popular show was leaked nearly three weeks before its February 27 release date.


Apparently it was a glitch that caused Chapters 27-36 to find their way onto some people's screens.It was fixed within minutes, but we did get at least a little bit of a preview.

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Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is officially the president of the United States (we still can't believe the way he manipulated that!), and in his signature breaking down the fourth wall mode, tells the audience, "You have to be a little more human when you're the president," as he visits his father's grave.

The new First Lady, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) seems to have set her sights on the United Nations, and we can only imagine the devious schemes she'll work in her quest for more power. That one wants to be Queen of The World, is all I'm saying.

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Anyway, the official House of Cards twitter account had the best response over the leak. They tweeted:

Less than three weeks and we'll be able to watch in full. We can't wait.

Are you ready to binge watch season 3?


Image via House of Cards/Twitter

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