'Walking Dead' Spoilers: 'Unexpected Love' & Other Character Surprises to Come

Walking Dead spoilers
Now that The Walking Dead has returned with a tearjerker of a midseason premiere, are you ready to hear what’s next for the remaining survivors? Read no further if you have any spoiler concerns; otherwise, I’ve got a roundup of juicy rumors regarding the few familiar faces that are still left standing.


The big shocker in last Sunday’s episode was the loss of Tyreese. We’ve come to expect short lifespans among the characters, but it was still a surprise to see this one go — especially for comics fans like myself, who expected his relationship with Rick to develop as it did in the books. Showrunner Scott Gimple says Tyreese’s death will affect the entire group, especially Sasha:

That one-two punch of losing Beth and Tyreese will absolutely affect them. I mean just Beth alone destroyed this group. While they're in a bad physical situation, they're in a bad mental situation that's making them question what the point of everything is. That is grinding them down to the ground. It's not making them better people; it's not making them people who necessarily are thinking about the future anymore. These two deaths are utterly defining to this group and are testing their will to live. Not formally, of course. It is affecting them in different ways. But it is crushing down on all of them

(...) Considering the conversation Sasha and Tyreese were having in episodes eight and seven about their different perspectives, this is going to indelibly affect Sasha. It's a very big part of her story.

We’re going to see something different from Maggie soon, too: Gimple confirms she will be dealing with Beth’s death in a much larger way. Creator Robert Kirkman also hints that Maggie’s character will be changing:

Maggie to a certain extent is adrift. I mean, she’s got Glenn—that’s somebody who’s certainly a big part of what provides stability to her life. But one by one she has slowly lost her family, the Greene family—the family that the writers of The Walking Dead hate because we systematically kill everyone in that family. So look out!

He says Daryl’s reaction to Beth’s death will create some new storylines:

To a certain extent this might send Daryl on a spiral that leads him back into his old behavior. We’ve seen Daryl integrate into the group in ways that he hasn’t done in the past and grow much closer to Rick and much closer to Carol than he ever was. And seeing him interact with these characters and be included in ways that he’s never really been in his entire life has been something that we’ve been exploring. But coming out of Beth’s death and how he opened up to that character and really cared for her and then ended up losing her—that might lead to him being a little bit more distant, which is going to lead to some other things that I can’t talk about. So I think we’ll definitely see a big shift in the way he interacts with everybody moving forward.

No Carol/Daryl hookup, then? Well, if we can’t have that, then maybe we can look forward to something more than friendship developing between Rick and Michonne:

You’re gonna see something very interesting develop between them. Very interesting, and incredibly unexpected. You’ll see a certain kind of love.

Say it with me: RICHONNE! I am not at all opposed to this potential development. Although I will say I enjoyed picking out the photo that accompanies this post, so, you know ... that might be fun too, Walking Dead team.

Last but not least, all the teases at Morgan re-joining the group should be resolved soon. Kirkman:

I would say it would be hilarious if we’ve been doing all these scenes with Morgan and then he doesn’t meet up with them. Wouldn’t that be a weird choice? Like here’s Morgan! Here’s Morgan! He’s one step closer! Here’s Morgan! Oh, he missed them! He’s on the ocean! He’s in a boat! We’ll never see him again! So strange. So while I will not confirm that Morgan will eventually meet up with our characters, I will say that it would be a misstep on our part if he didn’t.

His story is going to be told. There will be a story that's fulfilled.

Would you be happy if Michonne and Rick got together?

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