Leah Calvert Fuels Divorce Rumors Again With Weird Twitter Post

Leah Calvert Jeremy Calvert

Sigh. Regarding the status of their marriage, the last news we heard was that everything is hunky-dory between them, especially given the recent messages they shared in which they were gushing over each other. But thanks to a recent Twitter post, we're once again questioning whether or not Leah Calvert and Jeremy Calvert are going to wind up divorcing after all.


Check out this Taurus horoscope post she shared, which definitely seems to indicate that her life is going to be shifting in a big way.

Huh. What the heck are we supposed to make of this one? Change, new door, new chapter? All of those things seem to indicate that a significant shift is coming Leah's way, so she has to be referring to her marriage, right?

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I mean, the only other plausible explanation is that she's all jazzed up about the new (and possibly illegal) salon business she started with her friends, but don't most people use horoscopes more as a reference to their personal lives versus their professional ones?

(Or maybe that's just me? Whatever.)

My guess is that we probably won't hear too much about what is really going on between her and Jeremy until the new season of Teen Mom 2 premieres. Duh, that'll likely be MTV's main focus as far as Leah's chapter of the show is concerned.

Hey, they can't let all of the juicy stuff leak out before the show airs; otherwise, we won't have any reason to tune in!

Do you think Leah's post was in reference to her marriage?


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