Amber Portwood Might Be Secretly Engaged to Boyfriend Matt Baier

Amber Portwood

When the news broke last week that the new Teen Mom Original Girls season will premiere on MTV on March 23, we probably should've paid a little more attention to the descriptions of what we can expect to see from each of the women now that a few years have passed. Would you believe that somehow we missed a little tidbit about Amber Portwood possibly being engaged to her boyfriend Matt Baier?



It looks like there's a decent chance that he may have put a ring on it, maybe back when they took a trip to Vegas a couple of months ago? She posted this pic from their hotel room, but maybe they were celebrating something major and hiding it for the sake of the show?

The penthouse, huh? Seems like a pretty big splurge for an ordinary trip. (Just sayin'.)

MTV's tease of Amber's story goes as follows:

Newly released from prison, Amber is trying to raise her daughter Leah with her ex, Gary, who is expecting a baby with his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, she is attempting to navigate a life of sobriety while diving back into the world of dating. The decision to accept an engagement proposal from someone she hasn't known very long could change her world entirely.

Hmm. "Decision to accept an engagement proposal ..."?!? That certainly leads us to believe that Amber and Matt are at least discussing marriage, though this sort of makes it sound like he's already popped the question.

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Just recently, Amber was quick to shoot down rumors that she and Matt had broken up, so the idea of them being secretly engaged really isn't all that hard to believe. Plus, there has to be some sort of super climactic story line to help MTV draw in more viewers toward the end of the season. Wouldn't it make sense for cameras to capture the big moment?

I guess we'll have to wait to tune in to find out for sure whether or not Amber's wedding is already in the works. In the meantime, if she really has decided to take the plunge with Matt, let's just hope she's 100 percent positive that he's "the one." The last thing she needs is to wind up in another tumultuous relationship like the one she had with Gary Shirley.

Do you think Amber is engaged?


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