Jenelle Evans' Son Kaiser at Center of Racial Dispute

Ugh. What did Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith step into now? The newly engaged pair may or may not have broken up over the last few weeks (it's hard to keep track), but Nate tweeted the most bizarre sentiments about their son Kaiser that we're sort of worried for his frame of mind.


Nathan shared this little gem on Twitter on Monday, February 9, and we have some serious questions we'd like answered for clarification.

Kaiser is of the "alpha race" because he has blue eyes? Sorry, but we can't help but jump to the conclusion that his blue eyes go along with his white skin. Not a lot of other ethnicity's possess the genes for blue eyes.

Did Nathan really just say he wasn't sorry for being glad his kid is white, and even better, with blue eyes? Blue eyes tend to be a coveted genetic trait, but why the heck make the comment about being part of the alpha race?

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Not to mention the sheer narcissism of the phrase, "Thank God for my genes." And is the most important attribute that he thinks Jenelle gave Kai really her eye color? And as the comments on his tweet point out, she may not even have blue eyes, but hazel.

Nate followed up that tweet with this one, in some obvious attempt to defend himself:

Dude, you were the one that said your son was of the alpha race because he possesses a predominantly Caucasian feature.

What do you think Nathan Griffith was talking about here?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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