Chris Soules' Odd Revelation About Britt Nilsson Is Totally Unexpected

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Man. Even though the claws typically come out between the women in the house on every season of The Bachelor as more contestants are eliminated each week, nothing could have prepared us for the craziness that went down with Chris Soules and his remaining gals in Deadwood, South Dakota.


Good GRIEF! Between the stare of death that Kelsey Poe gave Ashley Iaconetti and the two of them duking it out only to both be abandoned by Chris in the Badlands, it's almost a shame that we won't have the pleasure of seeing their insane drama over the course of the rest of the season.

But that doesn't mean that all hope is lost, people. As we learned from last night's oh-so-uncomfortable group date, Britt Nilsson definitely has a target on her back since she's clearly a front-runner. The women in the house obviously don't trust her, and based on Chris' new People blog, it sounds like he's having doubts about her character as well.

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With regards to how horrible he felt after walking back into the cocktail party with Britt after "sneaking" her away to the Big & Rich concert, Chris says:

Heading back to the after party was -- how do I say it? -- awkward. I felt like the girls' eyes were lasers, tearing me up. Listen, I know what it feels like not to receive a rose on a group date. It sucks. But I didn't expect the girls to react the way they did. I really didn't know what to say, and, at that point, it was clear that there was truly nothing I could do to make them feel better, so I just thought it was best for me to say goodnight. I had no idea Britt would tell them all about the concert. I thought that was something we could have kept between the two of us to soften the blow on the girls. Either way, she told them, and hearing Carly say she felt invisible and seeing Kaitlyn and Whitney in tears broke my heart. I really didn't mean to cause anyone pain that night.

Huh. Am I reading between the lines here, or did he basically just blame Britt for why all of the other women on the date were so bent out of shape at the end of the night? I mean, what the heck was she supposed to say when Megan asked her where she and Chris went? If she'd refused to tell the group, she would've made herself an even bigger elephant in the room, so it's not like she had a choice.

But let's get back to Chris laying blame on her for hurting the girls' feelings. Sorry dude, I'm a huge fan and all, but you're the one who grabbed Britt and ran off with her for over an hour to go dance on stage while the other chicks drowned their sorrows in their wine. Don't try and paint her as the bad guy, er ... gal.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say that Chris is basically admitting that he misjudged Britt's intentions, which definitely appears to be the case based on the previews for next week's episode.

Oh come on, the sneak peek showed Britt as a crying, hot mess, which can only mean one thing, right? Duh. Either she's getting dumped or doing the dumping herself.

And the good news is we only have to wait until Sunday night to find out what goes down when Chris takes the gals home to Iowa. (I. Can't. WAIT.)

Do you think Chris threw Britt under the bus?


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