'Bachelor' Recap: Kelsey & Ashley's 2-on-1 Date Forces Chris to Make Shocking Move

Ashley Iaconetti Kelsey Poe

Ok, let's just go ahead and cut to the chase. Um, who else feels like Chris Soules basically came out of a coma on tonight's episode of The Bachelor? Good grief. For weeks now, we've been wondering what in the hell he sees in both Ashley Iaconetti and Kelsey Poe, and thanks to their train wreck of a 2-on-1 date, we finally have our answer.


N-O-T-H-I-N-G! OMG. Before we dive in any deeper, can we all just get up and cheer over the fact that he finally wised up and sent BOTH of them packing as opposed to giving one of them a rose out of pure guilt/sympathy/whatever?!?

And even though we have to feel kind of sorry for Ashley, you know, since Chris pretty much threw her under the bus, which unleashed the wrath of Kelsey directly on her -- the totally epic ugly cry she did right before being dumped proves once and for all that she's selling way more drama than Chris can possibly afford. (But I guess the good news is that false eyelashes don't run like mascara, so at least there's that.)

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As for Kelsey? The jury's still out as to whether she's simply a victim of clever editing or bat shit crazy, but if nothing else, at least she kept it classy after Chris told her he wasn't feeling it. (Funny that she didn't have another panic attack though. Just sayin'.)

It's definitely taken some time, but thankfully it does appear as though Chris is starting to see these women for who they truly are. But OMG -- for the sake of the gals who are left, let's hope he quits playing favorites from here on out, at least when he's on a group date! I know he has a "special" connection with Britt Nilsson and all, but man, I really felt for the other girls when she walked in with that rose after having Chris all to herself at the Big & Rich show.

And while she is all sorts of gorgeous and then some, there's something about her that bugs the sh** out of me, though I can't quite put my finger on what it is just yet. It's almost as if she's hiding something, though based on the preview for next week's episode, it looks as though her true intentions in signing up for the show might start to come out.

I mean, can we really trust a woman who applies a full face of makeup before going to bed every night? (I think not.)

Do you think Britt is being sincere? Were you happy to see Kelsey and Ashley go home?


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