Leah Calvert's Illegal Business Could Land Her in Very Hot Water

Leah Calvert

She may have finally gotten her marriage back on the right track, but now it looks as though she's definitely hit another major bump in the road. According to RadarOnline, Leah Calvert is running an illegal business with her new salon, Gloss, and the West Virginia State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists is launching an investigation against her.


In addition to the fact that Leah and her colleagues are not licensed cosmetologists (Leah is still a student) and therefore can't legally provide makeup and hair services, a source says that they are also misleading clients on their website, because they don't have an actual salon for people to go to.

They advertise their services as "on location," which is apparently illegal in the state of West Virginia. A board spokesperson says, "They have to have an actual shop. They need a location for clients to go."

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Huh. I wonder if Leah is even aware of these laws? I mean, based on this tweet pimping out her biz, she's clearly pretty excited about her new venture, so you'd think she would've done her homework first to make sure she's not in violation of any sort of rule.

But then again, maybe she figured she could get by with a few technicalities being overlooked, you know, since she's an MTV star and all?

It will be interesting to see whether the problem with the salon plays out once the new season of Teen Mom 2 premieres. Who knows? Maybe Leah ignored the law on purpose as a means of taking the focus off of whatever is going on with her and Jeremy?

Stranger things have happened for the sake of good reality TV, people.

Do you think Leah would knowingly operate a business illegally?


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