'Sister Wives' Recap: What Kody Brown Is Doing Could Lose Him a Daughter

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This week on Sister Wives, the Brown family was totally caught up with trying to impress a team of anthropologists from neighboring UNLV. 


They were really, really worried about how disciplining their squabbling teenage boys would make them look in the strangers' eyes. The reality is they had much bigger things they should have been worrying about than keeping up appearances for TV or two academics. 

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Janelle Brown and Kody Brown's daughter Madison has decided to leave the family's faith. How did she choose to let them know this was going down? She texted them all. Smooth move. I'm trying to imagine how it would go over with my mother if I texted her to alert her as to any massive life changes. She would probably murder me with the written word. I mean, once she figured out how to text me back, anyway. 

For the sake of appearances, Kody, Janelle, and the other wives had a meeting with Madison about her decision to join another church. On the surface it seemed like they were being supportive, but it didn't take much prodding to understand why Madison might be looking for support outside of her massive family. 

Madison was candid with her family, telling them that the church has helped her depression and that it made her feel like she found a missing part of herself. Rather than appreciate the fact that religion and a connection to god (in whatever form) is something they've instilled in their kids, the family sort of just gave a fake-seeming chorus of "okay"s. 

It was hard to watch, and, to be fair, I'm sure for the parents, it was a harder conversation to have. Obviously the Browns are great parents, but this week's episode had me worried that their fears of the LDS church cutting their daughter off from them might make them more reserved and wary. Ironically, this could be the thing that pushes her further away from the family, not her new-found faith.  

How do you think the parents handled this news?


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