'Bachelor' Hopeful Carly Waddell Reveals Devastating Health Condition

Carly Waddell

Even though being a part of The Bachelor definitely has its fair share of exciting perks, there are certain drawbacks to making your search for love so public. You know, mainly because you subject yourself to being completely torn to pieces by viewers. And in what is clearly a response to people making fun of her appearance, Carly Waddell just revealed that she has hyperthyroidism, which causes quite a few unpleasant side effects.


Check out her brutally honest admission, which she shared on Instagram.


OMG. Poor Carly! People can be so freakin' heartless, and I must say that it has been pretty appalling to see so many "fans" make fun of her eyebrows on Twitter during this season's episodes.

Seriously, I know we all tend to get a little snarky when it comes to the ladies who are vying for Chris Soules' heart, but out of everyone in the group, Carly has to be one of the most down-to-earth, likable people on the show.

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It just seems so cruel to blatantly tear her apart for something she clearly has no control over, so hopefully hearing that she has a health condition will shut her haters up once and for all.

And honestly, are her eyebrows really all that bad to begin with? Hey, at least she doesn't resort to wearing fake ones, which is more than we can say for what some of the other women on the show would probably do.

Do you feel bad for Carly?


Image via ABC

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