Jenelle Evans' Weird New Selfie Has Us Seriously Worried

Jenelle Evans, Nathan GriffithWe can't believe the rumors might be true, but it's looking more and more like Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have called it quits. Even though the Teen Mom 2 stars got engaged less than a month ago while on vacation in St. Thomas, their disconcerting social media posts have been raising the alarm.


Jenelle seemed so happy when Nathan finally popped the question last month, but recently she has been down in the dumps. Ever since Nathan tweeted and deleted that things were officially over between them, Jenelle's suspicious behavior has us thinking it was more than a nasty fight.

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In between changing her hair and vowing to tone her already slim midsection into a six-pack, Kaiser's mom also appears to have removed her blingy engagement ring. Oh yeah, and then there was the post she made about deleting old pictures and memories and making new ones.

Then there's this Instagram photo, which she post on Thursday afternoon. The only caption she wrote was, "FML," which means "F--k My Life" for the uninitiated.


A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

Girlfriend looks depressed as all get out! Now this is also the first selfie we've seen since the rumored lip injections, so she could be sad about that too, since it doesn't look like it worked if she did get the procedure done.

But the only thing we can think of is that Jenelle and Nate are seriously on the rocks, if not over for good. We're still holding out hope that they can work it out though, especially considering they have 7-month-old Kaiser together, and Jace has undoubtedly already come to think of Nathan like a dad.

Whatever is going on in Jenelle's world, we hope she's not tempted to spiral back into her old ways. She's come way too far to just unravel.

Do you think Jenelle and Nathan are breaking up?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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