Front Runner for Next 'Bachelorette' Is the Last Person We Expected

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Now that we're about midway through Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, it's hard not to look at the remaining women and speculate over who will likely wind up being the next Bachelorette. There really are a few decent possibilities this time around, don't you think? Assuming she's not his final choice, Britt Nilsson is a likely front runner.


So what if she rarely sees the inside of a shower? She's gorgeous and seems to have a pretty fun personality, which is a total plus. Oh, and what about Kaitlyn Bristowe? Man. Everybody loves that girl. She's smart, cute, spunky, and can totally hang with the boys, which would make her a great choice for sure.

But it looks like there's also a decent chance that ABC will opt to not select someone from Chris' season, although one of the names they're throwing around will totally take you by surprise.

Believe it or not, Andi Dorfman might be The Bachelorette again, with sources deeming her to be a "top five contender."

Uhhhhh ... what?

I'm sorry, but are you freakin' kidding me? Is ABC really getting that desperate as far as casting someone in the role goes?

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I mean, the whole bit with Brad Womack being The Bachelor twice kind of backfired, so you'd think they'd hesitate to recycle an old leading person again.

Aside from the fact that it's way more entertaining to watch someone new take the reins each season, letting someone have the opportunity to find true love on TV more than once is just plain unfair. Andi already had her shot and chose Josh Murray, and just because the two of them couldn't make it work does not mean Andi deserves to have another 25 dudes thrown at her as potential husbands.

Give someone else a chance for crying out loud. And who knows? Maybe the gal ABC picks will actually wind up marrying the man she gives a final rose to and another Bachelorette couple will live happily ever after.

Would you watch Andi as The Bachelorette AGAIN?


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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