​Farrah Abraham's Bold New Hair Is an Unexpected Change (PHOTO)

Farrah AbrahamDid someone let the cat out of the bag to Farrah Abraham that blondes have more fun? The Teen Mom star recently made an appearance at a strip club in New Jersey (because of course), and her hair was dramatically lighter than we've ever seen it.


Farrah has famously changed her looks many times, even when things have gone incredibly wrong; like the last time she had plastic surgery to permanently plump her lips up. But this is one change we can possibly get behind.

Take a look at Farrah's bold new hair, and try to tell us it doesn't suit her.

Farrah Abraham

Oh my gosh, does she look like a different person or what? We know she's been going through some stuff, what with Teen Mom Original Girls about to air on MTV, and the fact that she wasn't initially supposed to be on the reboot ...

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We can't know if this is a permanent transition into lighter hair or not, but we have to say that she looks amazing!

Of course Farrah has always been beautiful, no matter what's been going on in her personal life -- or in her plastic surgery adventures -- but we're glad that she has apparently decided to keep the major changes to her hair. The new honey blonde look definitely suits her  ... much more than any of her lip surgeries have.

What do you think of Farrah's new blondish hair?


Images via Farrah Abraham/Instagram & Splash News

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