'Kate Plus 8' Recap: Kate Gosselin Has Too Much on Her Plate for Teenage Antics

kate plus 8

Teenagers are not easy. Raising even one can give you one hell of a headache. Now imagine raising two ... and six little ones. The mind boggles. Unless you are Kate Gosselin.


For Kate, dealing with this noise is par for the course. In fact, one of the most notable parts of this new season has been Kate keeping her cool in the face of her truculent teens Mady and Cara. Mady in particular has been quick to cry, to roll her eyes, and to let her mother know just how little she thinks of her. 

I, for one, think of Kate as being really quick to yell or vent if something doesn't go her way, so it's been striking how she's kept her cool this season no matter how rough things got with Mady. I have to say, if she were my daughter and we were being filmed for a television show, I'd have a comment or 12 to direct toward her and the editors would have to bleep at least, uh, all of them. 

This week I think Kate would have been well within her rights to give her teen a stern talking-to. When Mady proclaimed that she wasn't acting like a brat because she was a teenager but in fact because her mom was doing something stupid, that could have been a great teachable moment. By teachable moment I do not mean a swift backhand.

Sadly that didn't happen. That's probably partially because Kate is always so so so busy. I mean, this week alone she was working on a yard sale and multiple birthdays! She didn't have the energy to waste on a bratty teen. Which is really too bad. Would have been a great opportunity for Kate to have a conversation with Mady about respect and being a role model. I think it would have benefited the little kids too to see that Mady isn't too old to receive a punishment. Kate can't keep letting Mady undermine her at every turn!

How would you talk to Mady?


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