'Bachelor' Star Kelsey's REAL 'Story' Will Completely Change Your Opinion of Her

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Man. Two days may have passed since the total train wreck that was Monday night's episode of The Bachelor, but fans' curiosity as to whether or not Kelsey Poe exploited her husband's death for the sake of winning Chris Soules' heart is still at its peak. OMG. Whoever would've guessed that in a matter of seconds, Sanderson Poe would become a household name?


First of all, the name itself sounds like something straight out of a line of poetry as it is. But then there's the whole bit about Kelsey deeming her story to be "amazing," even though part of said story includes losing the love of her life and then signing up to find a new man on a reality TV show. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

And while we don't yet know Kelsey's fate as far as whether or not Chris will keep her around after she suffered a panic attack before the last rose ceremony, one thing's for sure -- this gal is NEVER going to live down how she was portrayed on national television, something that she clearly realizes.

OMG, people. I don't care how nuts this poor woman came off on Monday night. It's impossible not to feel really sorry for her, not to mention kind of guilty for thinking she's insane, after reading this statement her sister posted on Kelsey's official Facebook page.

Kelsey's story is in fact amazing! I am truly disappointed in the footage that ABC decided to air and the way it showed no sensitivity to Kelsey and Sanderson. I have been there for my sister since the day Sanderson passed, and it has not been easy. It is never easy for someone to move on after a tragic loss happens. The footage you saw where Kelsey said, "Isn't my story amazing?" was in regards to her story of how she overcame such horrific grief. In no way was Sanderson's death amazing. It is amazing that Kelsey found the strength to seize each day, travel the world by herself, meet new people and take on new hobbies. She chose to take on each day rather than stay in bed crying; that takes a strong person to do that. She has used her experience to help others who have lost a loved one and serves as a role model to empower them to stay strong. I am disgusted by the way Kelsey was portrayed on the show and the comments/messages people are sending. No one ever deserves to be bullied, receive hate mail or be harassed ... only bits and pieces of her story and footage have been shown. Thank you to those of you who are sending positive and encouraging words for Kelsey, I love sharing those uplifting words with her. I will not allow the cyber bullying to reach Kelsey, no one should ever be treated with such disrespect especially regarding her deceased husband, Sanderson. For those of you wanting to know more about Kelsey and how she has coped with her loss please read her blog after the season is done airing: www.anomalyme.com
My heart hurts for my older sister. She is truly as sweet and caring as her friends and family claim she is ... it's unfortunate that ABC viewers don't get the opportunity to see that.

"You honor a man's memory by respecting his wife."

Ugh. Why didn't we give her the benefit of the doubt? It's no big secret that ABC has a tendency to engage in clever editing on The Bachelor, so the sister's claim that Kelsey's "amazing" comment was taken out of context certainly makes sense.

And let's not forget the fact that she is probably still grieving the loss of her husband even though it's been well over a year since he passed. You can't really put a time limit on that sort of thing. We do have to give her credit for not being afraid to share what happened with Chris (and everyone watching at home).

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Oh, and you know what makes the sister's statement even easier to believe? Kelsey went and made both her Twitter and Instagram accounts private after all of the hate and backlash she received. Poor gal has been forced into hiding, and many of us helped put her there. (Nice.)

Something tells me we will be saying goodbye to Kelsey after next week's episode, but if not? Maybe we should all try and extend her a little bit of compassion as opposed to automatically assuming she's a nut job.

Do you believe Kelsey's sister?


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