Amber Portwood's Reaction to Breakup Rumors Is Not What We Expected

Amber PortwoodGood news, you guys! It looks like Amber Portwood and her boyfriend are still together! Just days after rumors hit the Internet that the Teen Mom star had called it quits with her much-older boyfriend, Matt Baier, she went on Twitter to set the record straight.


Amber got wind of the story that she and Matt had broken up and tweeted to In Touch that the rumors were absolutely false and that they're happier than ever. 

According to a breakup report from Radar Online, Matt was allegedly caught cheating, and Amber unfollowed him on Twitter. We don't know if those things actually happened and they had a fight and made up, or if it was all just bupkis from an "insider."

But they seem genuinely amused and/or unimpressed by the rumors they had split, so I'd guess they're doing just fine.

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The couple has raised eyebrows not just over his shady past (he has spent time in jail and been involved with drugs and been charged with fraud), but also the fact that he is 19 years older than her, and oh yeah, they got matching tattoos and he got her name inked across his entire forearm.

But. He has also apparently stood by her side and supported her while she went through the tragedy of her dad's illness and death in December, he spends time with Amber's 6-year-old daughter Leah, and they genuinely seem happy. As Selena Gomez would say, the heart wants what it wants.

Besides, it's not like Amber's rap sheet is clean as a whistle. She's been in some seriously bad places in her life (including behind bars) and seems to have turned it around. Maybe she and Matt work well together because they understand the particular challenges of overcoming a shady past.

Well, whatever it is between the two of them, we're just happy Amber is happy.

Do you think Amber and Matt are good for each other?


Image via Amber Portwood/Twitter

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