Chris Soules Reveals the Weird Truth About Britt's Lack of Showering

Chris Soules Britt Nilsson

To say that last night's episode of The Bachelor was the weirdest in the show's history is probably the understatement of the year. While Kelsey Poe's tragic yet wonderful (?) love story certainly caught us off guard, we were also left scratching our heads as to how on Earth Britt Nilsson manages to look so picture perfect when she apparently "never" showers.


At first we kind of assumed Carly was joking when she declared that Britt hadn't bathed in weeks, but after hearing Britt touch on her hygiene issues, it became clear that she most definitely does not feel the need to hose off every day. (Or possibly even every week?)

But if that's truly the case, why isn't she a hot mess all of the time? Well, it looks like we have an answer. In his new People blog, Chris Soules revealed the truth about Britt's lack of showering, and it kind of takes us by surprise.

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He said:

And about all that showering business, Britt always smelled good -- and looked good -- so I really don't know what to say about that. I'm the kind of guy who showers every day (as all of America gets to see!) but to each her own, right?

Uhhhhhhh, she "always smelled good"? Whaaaaa? It's not that we don't believe Chris, but how on Earth can a woman possibly smell remotely ok if she never bathes?

Huh. If Chris didn't notice anything funky, then we should probably take his word for it that Britt is just as clean as any of the other women in the house. For his sake, let's hope so, especially if she winds up making it to a fantasy suite date. (Yikes.)

Do you think it's weird that Britt isn't big on showering?


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