'Bachelor' Recap: Kelsey's Disturbing Confession Leaves Everyone Speechless

Kelsey Poe

Um ... out of any episode on any season of The Bachelor, who else thinks the shenanigans that took place on Chris Soules' dates tonight were nothing short of totally bizarre? I mean, we obviously knew things were off to a super awkward start when Chris and Carly consulted with the "Love Guru," in what had to be the most uncomfortable situation we've ever seen on the show.


Undressing each other would've been strange enough on a first date if he hadn't given her the friend card right at the beginning. Once the heavy breathing kicked in, it was honestly easier to just look away from the TV. (He tried. But he's SO not into her.)

And then there was the whole bit with Jordan showing up on the group date, which understandably ruffled the feathers of pretty much every chick in the house. When will these "brave" souls learn that returning to the show after being dumped never ever EVER gets you a rose? (Seriously. Buy a clue already.)

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Oh, and the "Britt doesn't shower" thing is so freaky on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin. Considering they spent two hours in Chris' room "taking a nap," something tells me life on a farm has probably altered his sense of smell.

And that brings us to Kelsey, who blatantly came right out and told Chris that while her husband Sanderson Poe's death was tragic, it was "part of her story and she LOVES her story." (What the fu**?!?)

OMG. Seriously? Is this woman for real?

Oh, and in case you were curious, she was married to this Sanderson guy, and sadly, he did pass away -- so she's not lying, as some of the gals in the house suggested. (You gotta love Google.)

But while she may be telling the truth, clearly this poor woman has some serious issues, as was totally evident after seeing her have a full-blown panic attack on the bathroom floor after Chris opted not to have the cocktail party.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the first time a Bachelor episode has ever left us hanging with "To Be Continued ..."?!?

Can you believe we have to wait until next Monday to find out what happens next?


Do you think Chris will wind up keeping Kelsey?


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